52 Week Photography Project: Week 2

For week 2 I shot with Prashant, a Birmingham local model, photographer and dancer. We had originally planned to shoot for week 1, but ended up waiting till after all the holiday busyness was done. The concept for this shoot changes a lot compared to my original mood board due to the rainy and cold weather we have been getting in Alabama lately. Below is a copy of my mood board for this shoot.


I’d rather call this an inspiration board than a mood board, because to me a mood-board should include color swatches, hair inspo, makeup inspo, real-life object inspo and so on. But for a small shoot like this one, this was enough.

As for the actual day of the shoot the weather was more overcast than sunny, and gray so there were no hard shadows for me to play with like I usually like to in my images. Instead we used the gold side of a reflector and I edited the tones while color-grading the images.

When color grading I aimed to keep the skin more warm, but the surroundings tend to fall more on the cold side. This is partly because of the green and grey backgrounds I was drawn to while shooting, but also from the overcast weather. Below are the before and afters of color grading on the images. Feel free to leave me questions or critiques in the comments of this post!