Hosting The December Portrait BHM Meetup

@portraitbhm is a instagram community for photographers and models in Birmingham, Alabama. The page showcases the work these photographers and models have created together and helps models find local photographers and vice versa. Sometimes @portraitbhm hosts meetups for photographers and models of all skill levels to come to and meet each other and create some amazing photos. I have had the honor of hosting two of these meetups, one in February of 2018 and now December 2018. Both had amazing turnout for both photographers and models. Although the one in February was held in Tuscaloosa there were still about 50 people that came out to shoot and model. The December one was held in Downtown Birmingham and had about 40 - 45 people come out. These meetups are really a great way for the online community to come together and get to meet face to face and share our work and create together. Below are some of my photos from the meetup. To find more check out my instagram @carolinejapal, portraitbhm’s instagram @portraitbhm or the hashtag #portraitbhm.